A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

NOTICE: On your first time pressing the start button, changing scenes is slow. Be patient, the game is not frozen, it is simply loading the next level. After your first race, the process is much faster and smoother. Thank you.

Ragdoll Romans: Utilizing the latest in dirt cheap chariot technology, one Roman races to win the newest iTablet. Onward, to glory!

W, Up Arrow = forward

S, Down Arrow = back

A, Left Arrow = turn left

D, Right Arrow = turn right

(Controller is also supported. Drive with the left stick)

Art and Music by: Trevor Haugen

Programming and Design by: Noah Schultz


RagdollRomans.zip 22 MB


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it will nt work on mac yet it says it does

it is not loading !!!

dud are you serious do i have to close google and open Firefox and the install unity can't i just download the game ?


I apologize, Ziko. The game was made as an entry for the Ludum Dare game jam last year and as such we had little time to finish and upload the project, resulting in a LOT of stuff that was overlooked, a downloadable version being one of them. I have edited the game's page to include the download link for your convenience.

no no i apologize for being mean i am sorry

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sorry for replaying late i don't usally do that

and i solved my problems with untiy and now i can play the it seems really fun